Chechnya Prime Minister Swimming pool
Our Grozny (Chechnya)project customer ordered a large fountain with installation. After seeing our hard work and dedication, they release ordered two swimming pools, and ten sets of bathroom marble material; with installation work.We helped to update the original 3D design and shop drawings for the customer. Our experienced designer turned the medallion pattern from design into a real product. Combining different natural stone colors together, to reflect the design spirit.

Bathroom wall elevation A

Bathroom wall elevation B

Bathroom wall elevation C

Swimming pool plan

We also sent our engineer to the site; to do the field measurements. Ensuring each corner was a perfect match. Commitment, responsibility and efficiency is and will always be PFM's belief.
PFM puts all it's effort into fulfilling the satisfaction of the clients demands. We do our work with honor!
Grozny Chechnya,Russia
3,300 sq.m. or 35,521 sq.ft.
6 Months

• Chinese white marble

• Chinese yabo white marble

• Spain cream marfil

• Apple green onyx

• Rosa levanto marble

• Marble medallion


• Water fountain

• Fireplace

• Interior flooring & wall

• Interior columns

• Swimming Pool

• Inlay bathtub steps

3D Rendering Design
Project Completion Picture
Installation Job Site