Brand Story

We build your dream

As a Chinese lady with a background of architectural design, Susan's pursuit of beauty is different from many other women. She is more in love with the beauty of natural materials like stone, wood, leather and etc, she has been exploring the art of combination of natural materials with spaces and buildings. She has a vision that PFM will work with creative designers, architects as well and insightful house owners to extend the talent of Chinese people in terms of creativity,wisdom, humanity, culture, to every corner of the world.

About Susan Story

Susan Chan, the founder of the PFM company.

  • She came from a humble family from North China.

  • She grew up without shoes but not without ambition and vision.

  • She graduated from architecture university with a degree in civil engineering.

  • After working for several companies at age 26 she began her own company.

  • Global travel to over 30 countries has given her exposure to many cultures and an inspiration an vision to build a special company.

  • She is passionate, loving, giving, enthusiastic, modest,and powerful.

  • She has a goal to create the world most beautiful buildings with the most exquisite materials.

Its her dream to beautify the world.

Excellent Project Management

PFM makes good control of design, schedule, budget and all processes of whole project. Our professional team brings our expertise into your project, ensuring that your expectations are understood and fulfilled. 

Full Cycle Solution of House Decoration

From interior design drawings to shop drawing, producing, inspections, shipping, and installation, our team can take care of them all.

High-end Bespoke Interiors

You will have access to an array of various styles and designs, and even some latest furnishings. Work with our team to transform your imagination into reality, or perhaps create a masterpiece you have not yet imagined! 

Company History

Beginning Our Services---2006

A seed of dream is planted to build a world-class construction company.

Transformation and Offer More Services---2014

PFM started the journey of overseas contracting. From design to installation, one stop service.

Shaking hands with president of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rahmon---Dec 6th 2015

Miss Susan Chan was the only Chinese supplier who was invited and praised by Mr. President of Tajikistan on the opening ceremony of Spa Hayot Hotel

Stone Quarries In Tajikistan ------July 2017

After two successful projects, PFM started to cooperate with Tajikistan government since 2017 for limestone and white marble quarry mining. This is a great support for our facade projects and a way to reduce our cost, so that we can better serve our clients world widely.

Reached quarry cooperation agreement in Tajikistan ---July 2019

Faroz Group, the owner of Spa Hayot and Ms. Susan Chan who was authorized representative signed agreement in Dushanbe

Introducing PFM to China’s ambassador Mr. Li Chen in Doha--- April 2019

Mr. Li Chen visited PFM booth in PROJECT QATAR show, and encouraged us to follow One Belt One Road initiative

Miss Susan Chan is Providing Installation Technical Support in Job Site --- April 2019

PFM care about detail, quality and efficiency,we are proud of providing the highest standards at each corner of our projects!

435 Meters High Skyscraper Project Site Visit in Chechnya Republic——June 2019

PFM CEO Susan and our technician team visited a skyscraper project in Chechnya Republic, that will be the highest building in the whole Europe once it built.

PFM New Office——December 2022

We are very happy to move into our 1500 square meters new office. Thre is more scenes in new office which is immersive experience for clients. It is designed by designer Tareq. The completed office is 99% same as design drawing.

Doha exhibition Project Qatar——May 2023

We have unveiled a groundbreaking eco-friendly material for the first time in the Middle East! The local response to our innovative product has been incredibly positive, generating great interest among customers.

Our team of professionals is with you every step of the way. Our tried & true

approach understands your imagination, your needs, and transforms them into

reality. Bring our expertise to your project and watch

us exceed your grandest expectations!