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Control your home from anywhere
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One-stop Smart Home Solution

PFM makes things possible, create smart living and keep changing your everyday life. Our team is here to help you turn your house to your dream home or to give your villa a complete makeover the smart way. We build up smart home, networking and security systems to optimise the use of facilities for home and commercial buildings.

We learn your needs, work for customized, total solution, and provide one-stop solution: consultation, design, sourcing, installation, project management . Our professional team work on smart, convenience and comfortable living and working environments.

Smart Solution for every home
Smart home automation solutions are designed to comfort your life with great convenience. Smart security system, Preset room temperature, lighting and shading effects, and play your favourite music, create your unique cozy living environment. PFM smart home automation system allows you to control on lighting, climate, shading, AC outlet, audiovisual devices and sensors effortlessly.


Control all home appliances from lighting, shadows, climate, AV systems to security camera at any time through a smartphone or tablet.

Home Security

Monitor the state of your home, no matter how far away you are, by putting the control in your own hands.


You can observe and communicate with anyone who approaches your front doo. Greet guests and allow them to enter even if you stay out.


Full signal coverage. Stable network connection at high speed. Smart control by mobile app, scheduling on/off of Wi-Fi signal.

Smart Lighting

Home automation system intelligently brightens or dims the lights, controlling by motion or light sensors.

Temperature Control

Customize your scheduled temperature setups or simply control your home climate by temperature and humidity sensors.


Motor your curtains and shades when desired or smartly control shading effect by light sensors, to protect our privacy and brings us a cozy atmosphere.


Home Cinema and Karaoke, you can enjoy limitless entertainment and control it all from one simple remote or touch screen-right at your fingertips.

Smart Garden

Garden lights smartly switch off when morning comes, to save energy consumption.

Smart home make a different living experience
Smart home automation system monitors and controls your home with sensors, Simply switch off all home appliances with just a touch of your finger, even when you are already on the way. For example: outdoor lights automatically switch on when you are back after dark, brightening your way home.Turning on sleep mode and tell smart home system to switch off the lightings, close the curtains and adjust room temperature to your desired temperature for a sweet dream.