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Tajikistan Luxury Palace Project


From 2015 to 2017, PFM participated in the material supply and installation of spa hayyot and Mr Shams private villa project in Dushanbe, Tajik. These two projects are landmark buildings and famous in Tajikistan. For knowing and witness, the owner appointed his nephew Nazir to contact us to discuss the villa materials, from marble, wood floors, wood panels, furniture to brass handrails, all of them are referenced to a very high quality standards to meet the expectations of the owners. Particularly the production and installation of brass handrails, which requires a very precise dimensions. We tried every means to install the valuable handrails perfectly on the stairs, winning the satisfaction of whole family.

First floor plan

Second floor plan

PFM also dispatched 5 Chinese workers during the epidemic period to site under tremendous pressure. Our workers went there successfully after two times’ failure, with the belief that we have the responsibility to ensure all the material bought from us can be applied on site. Finally we had conquered all the difficulty, completed the installation perfectly. In the second year, our CEO Susan was honored to be invited to the villa as a guest and started further cooperation.
PFM puts all it's effort into fulfilling the satisfaction of the clients demands. We do our work with honor!
Istaravshan, Tajikistan
Interior is 1500m², Exterior is 2500m²
8 Months
ongoing project

• Floor medallion

• Bathroom floor

• Walls and countertops

• Wood floor parquet

• Classical furniture

• Sanitary products

• Wood veneer walls

• Copper handrails


• Staircase

• Entrance

• Living room

• Study room

• Bedroom

• Bathroom

3D Rendering Design

After Installation
Production Picture