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Three Popular Styles of Marble Medallions

Three Popular Styles of Marble Medallions

Dec 25,2022

Three Popular Styles of Marble Medallions

1. Neoclassical style

Elegance and harmony are synonymous with neoclassical style. The whole space shows elegant and aesthetic attitude, peaceful and rich connotation of the charm, showing the elegant taste of the house owner. Neoclassical emphasis on style, in the modeling design is not antique, not retro, but the pursuit of spirit. 

2. European style

European furniture is often the home of marble floor tiles. Classical European style is extremely exquisite in shape, giving people the feeling of modesty and elegance, high-end and gorgeous, with a strong cultural atmosphere - this is also the reason for the longevity of European style.

3. Simple European style

The simple European style is derived from the classical European style. Simple European style from simple to complex, from the whole to the local, elaborate, parquet engraved gold give people a meticulous impression.