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Is it a pure heart to create a pure space?

Is it a pure heart to create a pure space?

Mar 17,2022

PFM Is Committed To Creating Pure Spaces

Do you feel this way?

When you approach a place, you are comfortable;

When you approach the glowing stone, you are suddenly filled with energy;

The room of the restaurant where you have lunch today is more refined than the one yesterday. 

There is a tree outside the window. The shadow of the tree spills into the dining table through the window. 

The people who eat are all the same, but today's feeling is better than yesterday's feeling. People want to express more, even reluctant to leave.

I have recently experienced the energy of this space.
 Combined with the PFM work - to create an art space, 
I suddenly realize that the material sells is so thin, we have the shape and giving of space energy, how precious! 
Further, extension - Is it a pure heart to create a pure space? Is it only a distinceive thing to do, in order to do this meaningful job?