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What is a heritage palace

What is a heritage palace

Mar 10,2022

What Do You Think of As A Heritage Palace?

As the name suggests, heritage palace is for inheritance. It is we who store our culture, beliefs and spirit in the form of architecture. It is the space and medium through which you and your extended family have a dialogue. We can quote an advertising slogan from Patek Philippe: you can never have it, you can only keep it temporarily.

You never actually own a Patek Philippe.You merely look after it for the next generation.

PFM want to build the Palace of Versailles in the villa. 

What Are The Standards for A Heritage Palace?

The five standards are like the five pillars of a building, and they are interdependent on each other. 

The First Criterion Is Culture
This family should have its own culture and beliefs that can be passed on, such as the pursuit of art, the inheritance of family training, etc.

The culture of the villa is like a human brain, without culture, it can only be called a soulless building.PFM will design a family badge for each heritage palace.

The Second Criterion Is Design

Villas are divided into European, modern, light luxury, Chinese, Moroccan style and so on. 

Therefore, the designer's grasp of the design is very important, and the style cannot be confused.

PFM's designers have a world vision and will dynamically innovate unique themes based on different ethnic characteristics. Create a unique and exclusive art space for each client.

The Third Criterion Is Functionality
No matter how brilliant the villa is, it is a space for people to live, so it must be able to meet the living habits of the family. 

In addition to the basic needs of the parlor, reception room and dining area, many customers have their own unique needs.For example, two pools, one indoor and one outdoor.

For large villas that often receive many guests, heavy industry kitchens need to be set up to meet the banquet needs of at least 100 people. For Muslim clients, we need to consider the separate co-ed parlor, which is a Muslim culture. For Christian clients, we need to build chapels in gardens for prayer, for marriage purposes.

Some Customers in African countries have this special requirement for safety, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows that are bulletproof.  

The Fourth Criterion Is Materials
The decoration material of the villa is the bearing body of the above three points. 

Therefore, the quality of the material is good and durable is the key. The first choices are natural stone, natural wood and copper.

More than 330 years have passed since the completion of the Palace of Versailles in 1689, and the marble inside and outside, the wooden finishes on the walls, and the copper lamps in the air are still intact. 

The Fifth Criterion Is Craftsmanship
The process is divided into a process in production and a process in construction and installation. 

The columns we produce, the parquet on the floor, the carvings of the fireplaces, the attention to detail, a lot of which are ancestral handicrafts, the details come to life.

The process of construction and installation is the core of a villa. Correct marble construction method, effectively prevent the return of alkali, damage. Good closure, so that a villa embodies exquisite craftsmanship everywhere. 

Let The Chinese Villa Go To The World.

In ancient China, there was Lu Ban, and in modern times there was Zhan Tianyou . In recent years, China's infrastructure has developed very quickly overseas, and it is known as China's speed. 

However, as a small building that can best cash out the habitat art space, the villa has not yet been able to develop on a foreign scale, and we hope that PFM can take on this historical mission, and the people of the world can witness the spirit of Chinese craftsmen ,and build more and more heritage palaces around the world.