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How to Repair Calacatta Marble Floor Yellow Stains

How to Repair Calacatta Marble Floor Yellow Stains

Sep 29,2018
Dear Customers,
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Our company has taken the contract of the most stone floors and wall cladding in this project, but for lobby area, the client bought directly from Italy, the calacatta white marble. However because of wrong installation, they have caused a huge trouble, after two weeks, the yellow stains started to come from inside of bottom. Like the below pictures.

They have used black cement to install the white stone without any protection due to lack of experiences of applying marble. They have tried many methods locally but failed.

To help our client to get out this situation to meet the grand opening date, we sent one technician from our team and started to save the marble floors. 

We did the below process:
Step 1: Grinding off the Surface
Like the below video :https://youtu.be/MN_kuHBZMFE
Step 2: Pour Enough The Chemical Liquid On The Surface
Step 3: Cover The Surface With Tissue Paper, And Seal It With Plastic Film, Keep It For 5-8 Hours
The result is very obvious, check the below video: https://youtu.be/uGlWxvswCUM
Step 4: Clean With Water
Like the below video : https://youtu.be/h5QhryLZHbE
Step 5: Polish The Floor Again
the polishing material we use is as below:
PFM company has been specialized in marble since year of 2006. We have accumulated rich experiences in marble projects.  We have done projects throughout 36 countries.

We would like to remind all our customers kindly, to buy marble is easy, but apply it correctly, and to maintenance it correctly is also equally important!

We hope this file could do you any help in your coming projects, thank you for your time !

                                                                     best regards,
                                                         PFM technician team
                                                                         Sept. 2018