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Why choose natural marble to decorate flooring

Why choose natural marble to decorate flooring

Nov 27,2017

(1)  Natural Stone Floors Are Affordableand Equal High durable.


Investmentin stone flooring can be affordable and can fit most decoration There is agreat range of options in terms of cost for natural stone, so most customer canfind a natural stone to fit their budget. If you select one that does not fallwithin your price range, ask your stone specialist to help you select adifferent material that meets your objectives and your budget. And PFM has a professional team that can providesolutions for you.


Even ifyours isn’t a luxury home, pet and kid-friendly natural stone flooringincreases your home’s value, especially at resale. It immediately tells yourpotential buyer that quality, durability, functionality, and beauty were allconsiderations when designing your home.


If youplan to live in your home many years, choose a stone product for floors thatwill remain attractive and bring high returns when you do sell.


(2)Makingthe Right Choices for High-Activity Family Homes


Stoneshould be installed professionally for best results and highest returns on yourinvestment. Make sure to take advantage of the expertise of your stonespecialists when choosing a product. There are several strong natural optionsthat fit a family lifestyle and budget


The keyis to make sure that the stone selected fits with the intended use of thespace.  For example, while marble floorsmight be a great choice for a master bathroom, it might not be the best choicefor a young child’s bathroom.

Betterfamily and pet-friendly natural stone choices include slate, granite,quartzite, and quartz-based sandstones. Slate’s natural texture also makes itmore slip resistant for little feet or paws.


All ofthese choices also are flexible enough to fit into your design theme. Naturalstones can blend beautifully with multiple design aesthetics includingtraditional, modern, and rustic looks, making it easy for consumers to mix formwith functionality.

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