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What is Chinese stone industry cluster?

What is Chinese stone industry cluster?

Nov 21,2017

Stone industry is the pillar industries of the local economy in most ofstone industry cluster. There are ten stone based was named after China StoneMaterial Association. Respectively

  • China stone capital- Yantai Laizhou Shangdong
  • China stone city-Shuitou Nan’an Fujian
  • China Stone Base Center-Yunfu Guangdong
  • China stone town-Pingyi Shangdong. Pingshang Hebei, Shanshan Xinjiang, Shimian Ya’an Sichuan
  • China granite capital-Cenxi Guangxi
  • China marble town-Tongshan Hubei
  • China granite town-Macheng Hubei

The largest four stone industryclusters among them are Nan’an FujianYunfu GuangdongLaizhou Shangdong andYa’an Sichuan, all of them have considerable internationalinfluence. Relying on resources and non-resource-based industrial clusters.

Depending on the internal andexternal conditions, China'sstone industry cluster can be divided into resource dependent and marketdependent type (i.e., non-resource dependent). Most of China's stone industry cluster is aresource-based industrial cluster, a small number of market-based. LaizhouShangdong which is the representative of resource-based type, Nanan Fujian andYunfu Guangdongare non-resource-based representatives.3

According to the main products ofproduction, Chinese stone industry cluster can be divided into three types:marble and granite decorative stone, stone statue and slate. Shuitou, Laizhou,Yunfu and most stone industry cluster are mainly produce marble and granite.Hui’an, Quyang are mainly made of stone carving. Yixian, Ziyang are slate.