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How to prevent marble flooring crack?

How to prevent marble flooring crack?

Nov 14,2017

Marble is gentle as jade, more and more people are using it to decorate thefloor in home. However, due to lack of early maintenance led to a varietyfractures and hollowing. This article will introduce the prevention andtreatment of the cracking of marble floor.

1.Due to settlement and avulsion of ground foundation part


Before paving the marble, you should to know theform of the ground structure and observe whether the structure has rigidmaterial. The cushion layer whether is fractures and hollowing. When pavingstone on expansion joint and settlement joint, must follow the atlas to choosethe appropriate way. Remember should not simply pave and paste it


2. The natural defect of marble

Somemarble has more natural defects such as fissure, sand hole, loosen, etc.

If these defects would not be repaired in advance,once it is laid to the ground, it would lead to damage in the defective partsfirst and thus extend it. Like Silver Beige, Perlato Svevo, Emperador dark.



(1) In the selection of marble material on theflooring, we have to choose according to the characteristics of the stonematerial. It is best to listen to salesman suggestions. Stone material as looseas Serpenggiante, and has many fissure like golden beige, not suitable for useon the floor.


(2) In large area of flooring construction, it isbetter to leave 1~2mm of natural seam between plate and plate. Do not completely seams, to prevent marble stonecracking in the future for temperature, water pressure causing.


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