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Key Points Of Marble Crystal Finish Treatment

Key Points Of Marble Crystal Finish Treatment

Update Time:2019/6/6
Key Points Of marble Crystal finish Treatment

1. Light-colored marble (Ariston White, Volakas, Calacatta, Arabescato, Sivec White, etc.) can not use the acidity chemical potions for the surface treatment. Light-colored stone has the high iron content, which is likely to cause yellowish surface after reaction with acidity potion.

2. The crumbly stone can not use the crystalline material which contains the resin material, otherwise, the resin wax will block the surface pores, It is not conducive to stone ventilation, and easily result the stone re-alkali, yellowing and other diseases.

3 The Tropical Brown marble, Dreamy Hainan, French Portoro and other materials which are unevenly and distributed material. These stone must be double crystallized. Otherwise, the stone surface is smooth with touching, but uneven in visual sense after the treatment.

4. The soft stone (White Sand Limestone, Moca Cream Limestone, etc.) must be treated with pores shrinking water before treatment, and then double crystallization, otherwise it will show astigmatism.

5 Granite and crystallized nano stone can not be polished with steel wool. Otherwise, the powder of steel wool will be sucked into the pores of the stone surface to be yellowing.

6 Dark granite must be retouching before crystallization treatment. Otherwise, when the crystal treatment finished, the stone surface will be dull, dry and whitish of the stone surface.