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What should we know before purchasing natural stone?

What should we know before purchasing natural stone?

Update Time:2017/11/27

Natural stone is a one-of-a-kind interior and exterior wall building material. Because graining and coloration come from the earth itself – mineral deposits, tectonic shifts, temperature, natural chemicals and pressure over millions of years – natural granite , marble cannot be mimicked or manufactured.

Unique markings and inconsistencies are hallmarks of natural stone. No two are alike. And, depending on how the surface is finished, myriad visual characteristics may be revealed. When selecting granite and other natural stone, there may be a certain lack of predictability in regard to color and veining, which adds to its beauty, charm and design potential.

Equally important is that you choose stone that is optimized for its intended purpose. For example, because of the porous nature of limestone, its surface may be absorbent, making it a poor choice for a bathroom countertop. And, while marble may make a beautiful floor, depending on how it is finished it may be dangerously slick. Your fabricator or Coldspring Selection Center specialist will help you determine which stone to use.

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