Nigeria Luxury Mansion Project

We started this project from the brass railing, which is most diffiult part in villa decoration. After knowing that PFM could provide complete supply and installation service, we began cooperation of whole project, which includes overall marble waterjet medallion floor, curved staircase, copper chandeliers, bulletproof gates and all interior solid wood carved wooden doors, cabinets, outdoor marble railings and carvings including scupltures, fountain and gazeboo, as well as interior decorations and furniture.Due to the limited experience of local installation workers, PFM also specially sent two professional installation masters to the site to help with installation and guidance, especially the curved staircase and copper handrails, which demands very high technology.

Staircase Design Drawing

Brass Railing CAD Drawing

Staircase 3D drawing 1

Staircase 3D drawing 2

PFM's perfect product solution and excellent after-sales service have successfully conquered the owners. They are willing to be our agent and are glad to introduce their friends to us if they need any support of villa decoration.
PFM puts all it's effort into fulfilling the satisfaction of the clients demands. We do our work with honor!
6 Months
ongoing project

• Marble medallion

• Marble curve stair

• Brass railing

• Brass Chandelier

• Cabinet

• Solid wood carving door

• Outside marble balustrade

• Bullet proof door

• Furniture


• Staircase

• Kitchen

• Living room

• Entrance

• All flooring

• Bat1

After Installation
Site Installation
Production Picture