Luxury Wooden Door
Customize your royal wooden door


Each decor model is designed by professional sculptors and worked out in detail by wood carvers. The decor is presented in two materials: Italian polyurethane and solid wood. The unique style combined with impreccable taste, brought up by the classical school, is reflected in every detail of our doors.

We use European materials and high-quality accessories when manufacturing doors. The wood which is used in our doors production is dried according to National standards.

Most of the doors are handmade by our craftsmen who participated in the process of reconstruction of cultural heritage objects. Every smallest detail of which impresses with its perfection.
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The PFM door collection is designed by professional designers, sculptors and constructors. Our products are protected by copyright and patents.

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Most families are making just one palace in their life time, and it is made for heritage from generation to generation to last, so quality and design matters. PFM is honored to build your home from concept to reality. We work with the best architects and interior designers and pay attention to each small detail to make your dreams come true.
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