This new manor house is being created in a genuine Georgian style on a large Australian farming property, and expected for completion in 2024. The owner is seeking to blend structural authenticity of Georgian design and materials with energy self-sufficiency and inconspicuous advance technologies.  The design draws from various 18th century archetype.  It is the owners stated objective that the day his family moves into the manor they want it to feel like they are moving into a 200 year old home, not a new one.The exterior stonework is genuine full depth hand carved stone including columns, pilasters, pediments, and cornices.  The stonework is carved with Australian flora and fauna motifs in the capitals and friezes.  Interiors are elegant and feature stone floor medallions, parquetry floors,  flora and fauna ceiling motifs, and 18th century style plaster works.This project is an adventure and PFM has assisted the client since the start of the project with design and material supply to help achieve his ambitious and laudable objectives.

4000 m²
In Progress

• Granite

• Marble

• Wood Flooring

• Ceramic Tile

• Diatom Mud


• Basement

• Ground Floor

• First Floor

• Exterior Wall

3D Exterior Design
3D Interior Design