Bathroom Space
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Private high-end customization

Benefits of high quality standard sanitary wares play an important role in luxurious villas. Which not only pleasant you while you step in to your dream space, but also can be more energy-saving ,durable and easy to clean.

PFM provides proposal for the overall bathroom design, and can also customize the product according to the designer's drawings

Luxury Bathroom Design

All hand-made integral bathroom cabinets, pure natural marble countertops, solid wood cabinets with vivid carvings, and first-rate copper bathroom accessories are all made of world-standard quality materials. These are the essential elements of a luxury bathroom. Let guests feel the noble, delicate and elegant taste of the host when they step into the bathroom.

Luxurious bathroom furnishing elements are unique in terms of craftsmanship and design. PFM can customize high-quality bathroom furnishings according to your needs.

Modern Bathroom Design

The modern design emphasizes the simplicity of the overall space, with solid-color and simple-shaped bathroom cabinets, bright bathroom countertops, brightly lined bathtubs, geometric mosaic walls and simple metal bathroom accessories. PFM strictly controls each process and aims to perfectly present these products to the greatest extent.

According to your requirement, PFM can customize high-end bathroom products, including including toilets, bathroom faucets, shower heads, bathroom vanity etc. And the bathtub,wash basin can be also customized with high-end atmospheric marble materials.

Our team of professionals is with you every step of the way. Our tried & trueapproach understands your imagination, your needs, and transforms them intoreality. Bring our expertise to your project and watchus exceed your grandest expectations!