Balustrade &
PARAPET solution

stone Balustrade

The balustrade not only has the function of safety protection and separation, but also has strong decorative effect. Stairs, fences, gardens, and landscapes are all indispensable for it. This extraordinary decoration combines with the surrounding environment giving people a different visual experience. PFM can customize balustrade of different sizes and stone materials for you to embellish your life.

Elevation CAD drawing

Installation drawing

Installation drawing


The parapet is the low wall on the top or around the building. Its main function is to keep safe and waterproof. It can also be matched with the villa to show high-end decorative effects.

The minimum height of the parapet wall should be 30 inches.

The thickness of the parapet wall should be at least 9 inches.

Things to Be Considered While Construction of Parapet Wall

  • There are some factors which should be considered while construction of the parapet walls are as follows
  • The parapet wall should be plaster from both sides to prevent the problems of dampness.
  • The joint to the roof and the parapet wall should be sealed properly.
  • The parapet wall should be provided with proper coping to prevent leakages.
  • Parapet walls should be away from the plumbing system and electrical wiring.
Design Services
According to customer's size and ideal style, PFM is capable of providing various styles multiple choices of sizes to meet customer requirements. In addition, we can also provide CAD drawings and 3D rendering services to make perfect products for you.

CAD Drawing

3D Rendering

installation services
From design, production to installation,PFM can provide one-stop service. We have professional team and managers who can offer on-site installation, so that every detail of the product can achieve perfect results.

1.Place a suitable position, accurately measure the plinths.

2.Lay AB glue, put on the plinths, and measure the proper placement position of the balusters and pier shaft and mark the position.

3. Punch holes for position and apply AB glue.

4. Put on the pier shaft and apply AB glue on the top.

5. Place the pier cap on the top, punch holes on the inside of the it, and insert stainless steel rods into the holes.

6. Apply AB glue to the hole of the balusters and install it to the plinths.

7. Bed the rails onto the tops of the balusters, remember to grout the sides of the rails.

8.Finish the installation

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