stone facade solution
from design to installation

Back Bolt System

The stirrups are fixed to the support at the bottom, and the rising profile will be continuously fixed in place by drilling and forming the horizontal profile to prevent wind from exerting pressure on the clamp.

The system provides a forward facing plate, which includes machining. Perform it on the back of the board, and continuously insert steel clips.

This preparation is specially designed for anchoring clamps, in order to hook it on a horizontal profile.

Slotted Dry Hanging System

This slotted dry-hanging facade system fixes metal pipes to the concrete wall, and connects the slate and the metal frame with metal pendants.

Weld the L-shaped metal pendant on the metal plate, and fix it on the wall by bolting the straight metal. It is finished by metal suspension.

When encountering an impact, the stone is not easy to fall off the wall, and the shock resistance is better.

The feature is fixed by a metal frame. The structure consists of only metal suspension and 25 mm stone panels, ensuring maximum versatility, safety and design freedom.

Design Services
To achieve the desired final effect of the villa, the pre-design is very critical. PFM can provide suitable styles, 3D designs, CAD drawings and installation drawings according to the customer's ideal design style, so that they can understand the space structure and matching effects of the house in time, and make corresponding adjustments. After production, complete the installation. PFM is confident to build a dream home for you!

CAD Drawing

3D Rendering

Installation Drawing

installation services
PFM has a professional installation team and engineering manager, who can provide you with on-site installation services no matter interior or exterior. We will be responsible for every detail in the villa installation and create a safe and comfortable living environment for you.
our project
These are our stone facade projects. We are responsible for the design, materials selection and installation of the entire exterior wall.Until now we have been providing building materials and exporting our products to 117 countries and regions since 2006.

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Most families are making just one palace in their life time, and it is made for heritage from generation to generation to last, so quality and design matters. PFM is honored to build your home from concept to reality. We work with the best architects and interior designers and pay attention to each small detail to make your dreams come true.
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