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Design by Natural Stone, Perfect in PFM

Marble Stone

There are thousands of varieties and unique textures of marbles, which are usually used on the floor and wall. PFM can provide different styles and colors of marble according to your requirements.

Translucent Onxy

We have close partnership with leading manufacturers, and can flexibly provide decorative materials and furniture to meet all your requirements and budget.

Luxury Semi-precious Stone

As interior decorations, there are many kinds of gemstones, such as tiger's eye, fossil wood, agate crystal, etc. They are usually used on walls, floors, counters and front desks. PFM can provide a variety of gemstones and considerate services for you.

Water Jet Medallion

Marble medallion has various patterns, mainly square and round, used in public areas like hotel lobbies, elevators, front desks, etc.Please contact PFM to customize the medallion pattern you want.

Marble Fireplace

The style of the fireplace is closely related to the architectural style and the interior decoration style,PFM has experienced engravers who can customize the ideal fireplace for you according to different sizes and styles.

Luxury Stairs

The luxurious and exquisite stairs not only create a magnificent sense of space, but also construct an extraordinary visual experience. Welcome to offer your dream stair style, PFM is glad to customize for you.

Glass Mosaic

Because of the zero water absorption, corrosion resistance, and non-fading characteristics of glass mosaic, it is very suitable for swimming pools, bathrooms, and kitchens. PFM can specifically choose your favorite color and customize size for you.

Art Mosaic Mural

Mural art mosaics are widely used in indoor background walls, churches and other places, and different patterns create different styles. PFM can customize all kinds of patterns to meet your requirements.


Limestone’s porous structure determines its sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, energy saving and environmental protection, a natural stone suitable for outdoor.


Granite has a compact structure, stable high temperature resistance, widely used countertop, bathrooms, and exterior wall and ground. PFM is a stable supplier of granite and can provide you with a variety of styles.

Stone Sculpture

Sculpture can add fun to your house, create a comfortable environment, and cultivate people's pursuit of beautiful things. PFM can provide you with various sculptures according to your needs.

Marble Water Fountain

Fountain is very eye-catching, different carving styles can bring different visual impact. It also can purify surrounding environment and improve air quality. PFM can provide a variety of fountain styles as your requirements.