Tajikistan SPA HAYOT
Spa Hayot is one of Tajikistan's most famous luxury spas. The building's exterior wall has a total area of 5,000 square meters. This project used a multitude of granites; slabs, pillars, stone lines, and sculptures. The quality of the materials went through the PFM quality control program.PFM sent 45 skilled workers, and a project manager to guide and implement the on-site installation. The building was completed and was consistant with it's professional, high-efficiency, and estetic stone work. This is a constant theme on how PFM completes it's projects.

Elevation drawing A

Elevation drawing B

The PFM CEO, Susan Chen, was invited to attend the opening ceremony. She was praised by the President of Tajikistan, and other dignitaries; about design, quality of materials, and craftmanship.
PFM puts all it's effort into fulfilling the satisfaction of the clients demands. We do our work with honor!
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
5000 m² 
4 Months

• Tan brown granite

• Chinese white granite

• Mother pearl mosaic

• Volakas white marble


• Exterior facade

• Leisure room

• Fitting room

• Shower room

• Stairs

• Sauna room

3D Rendering Design
Project Completion Picture
Installation Job Site